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Cherry Blossom Festival, Tribeca Film Fest + More Weekend Fun!


Sometimes, I get invited to things that sound cool. Normally, I turn them down because...hi...I'm working. Except I really, really wanted to see the new Whitney so I went. And as I was running there (literally running), and running back (still really running), I remembered why I don't go to this stuff. BECAUSE I HATE RUNNING!!! Anyway, it is gorgeous. I'll write all about it next week for you. In the meantime, let's turn our attention to the weekend. The cherry blossoms are out at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Justin Roberts is at the New Vic, Street Games are uptown, and the Tribeca Film Fest Street Fair will be bumpin' downtown. Sign up for our newsletter here if you'd like to get our Plan Ahead email for next week. And um...bye.

Events We Love This Week!
Events for Tuesday, April 28th
  • Life at the Limits

    Life at the Limits

    Explores the diverse and sometimes jaw-dropping strategies animals and plants employ to find food, fend off predators, reproduce + thrive in habitats many would find inhospitable, even lethal.

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: $16.00 to $27.00
    When: April 4, 2015 - January 3rd, 2016. Timed entry only.
  • Science Playground

    Science Playground

    Slides, seesaws, sand pits, a giant lever, wind pipes, a climbing net, slides, sand boxes, metal drums, fog machines screw and a water play area!

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: $4.00
    When: March 1-November 30th. See museum hours. Weather permitting.
  • Little New Yorkers

    Little New Yorkers

    Each class includes time with historic toys, a special Little New-Yorkers hello song, story readings, and a related craft project.

    Ages: For ages 3 to 5
    Cost: Free to $15.00
    When: Tuesdays & Fridays, 3:30 PM-4:15PM
  • Jack & The Beanstalk

    Jack & The Beanstalk

    A fresh retelling of the classic English fairytale takes Jack on an enchanting adventure up a magical beanstalk.

    Ages: For ages 3 to 9
    Cost: $7.00 to $10.00
    When: January 14- June 28, 2015. See available showtimes.
  • Story Hour @ Bank Street Books

    Story Hour @ Bank Street Books

    A free story hour series for toddlers, featuring award-winning children's storytellers.

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: Free
    When: Daily @ 10:30AM (Yup, seven days a week).
  • Drop In Classes @ Sprout SF (UES)

    Drop In Classes @ Sprout SF (UES)

    Drop-in activities for babies + toddlers of all types are offered at this lovely store on the Upper East Side.

    Ages: For ages infants to 4
    Cost: $20.00 to $25.00
    When: Monday thru Friday + Saturday, 1/10. See listing for detailed schedule.
  • GymMaze Playtime (Ages 2-5)

    GymMaze Playtime (Ages 2-5)

    Little ones can enjoy climbing, tumbling, running, jumping and more!

    Ages: For ages 2 to 5
    Cost: $16.00 to $272.00
    When: Monday-Friday, 12:20PM, 1:45PM + 3:50PM; Sunday @ 11:00AM
  • Robot Swarm

    Robot Swarm

    Interact with two dozen small, glowing robots who react to your presence and communicate with each other, chasing after you or zooming away as you move across the floor.

    Ages: For ages 5 and up
    Cost: $9.00 to $15.00
    When: Opens December 14, 2015. Open daily 10AM-5:00PM.
  • Free Infant Class @ Elliott's Gymnastics

    Free Infant Class @ Elliott's Gymnastics

    Introduces babies to new stimuli including sounds + movements through the usage of music, bells, hoops and vivid colors.

    Ages: For ages infants to 1
    Cost: Free
    When: Tuesdays @ 1:30PM-2:00PM; Wednesdays @ 12:30PM-1:00PM (1/19-5/29)
  • The Butterfly Conservatory

    The Butterfly Conservatory

    The butterflies are back!!!

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: Free to $33.00
    When: November 1, 2014-May 25, 2015
  • Hello from Japan

    Hello from Japan

    Experience Tokyo's vibrant culture in a new interactive exhibit.

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: Free to $11.00
    When: Open January 16 - May 17. MUSEUM IS CLOSED MONDAYS.
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