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Home for Spring Break?


Don't worry. We've got your back. Places like the New York Historical Society, CMANY, Wave Hill, The Museum of the Moving Image, and The New York Botanical Garden have family programming all week long. As far as this weekend, check out our slideshow and run a quick search on the calendar too. Per the usual, there's tons of fabulous stuff - and all we have is this teeny little space. See you later this week!

Events We Love This Week!
Upcoming Events
  • Arty Facts

    Arty Facts

    Explore the galleries through fun activities and engaging conversations, then head to the studio to create an artwork of your own.

    Ages: For ages 4 to 7
    Cost: $5.00 to $10.00
    When: Sundays @ 11:00AM & 1:30PM
  • Bargemusic Family Concert

    Bargemusic Family Concert

    Performed in a venue artists say is "unlike any other place in the world to perform."

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: Free
    When: Saturdays @ 4:00PM
  • Art Adventures: 3-4 Years (Drop-off)

    Art Adventures: 3-4 Years (Drop-off)

    Children express their imagination as they explore art forms of all types, including printmaking, painting, using recycled materials, and more. *Sponsored.

    Ages: For ages 3 to 4
    Cost: $576.00 to $752.00
    When: Mondays @ 2:15PM-3:00PM (Jan 25-May 23. 16 classes total.) Advanced registration required.
  • Become a Paperbag Player

    Become a Paperbag Player

    Experience a behind-the-scenes workshop with members of The Paper Bag Players!

    Ages: All Ages
    Cost: $8.00 to $28.00
    When: Sunday, March 13 @ 10:30AM,11:30AM & 12:30PM
  • Afternoon Art Party

    Afternoon Art Party

    Create, share and bind your own book, focusing individually on a favorite memory or event at the Irish Arts Center.

    Ages: For ages 8 to 10
    Cost: $40.00
    When: May 7, 11:00AM-2:00PM
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